Max Factor

Max Factor & Company is a cosmetics company, founded during 1909 by Maximilian Faktorowicz (1877–August 30, 1938), Max Factor, a Polish-Jewish cosmetician artist for the Russian royal ballet. Presently, the Max Factor name is a popular brand of Procter & Gamble Co., which purchased the company during 1991.

During the 1920s and 1930s, the "golden years" of Hollywood, Max Factor became associated intimately with movie make-up. He created the lip gloss for the movies during 1914, and invented the term "makeup," based on the verb, "to make up" (one's face).

Not only was Max Factor the creator of cosmetic products, he developed numerous make-up techniques both for movie special effects and beauty looks. This expertise in original make-up techniques for the world of beauty evolved and developed throughout the years. The principle of instilling product knowledge and application techniques to beauty consultants continues today.


In 1863, Bourjois redefined blusher as we know it. He created a baked, coloured powder that blended beautifully and was perfumed with delicate rose scent. The first ever "baked-dry' colour was easier to use and had a natural finish, as opposed to thick, messy greasepaint that resulted in a mask-like effect.

The blusher was fashioned into the famous domed shape and left to dry-bake in a dry room in the Bourjois factory in Pantin (Paris suburb).

Then, from the theatre to the consumer, it was made accessible to all women packaged in beautifully decorated little cardboard pots, philosophy being "good quality products for stage make-up and everyday make-up".  

Isa Dora

The IsaDora Cosmetics line was first launched in 1983 by Invima AB in Sweden. The strength of IsaDora is the unique concept of highest quality and product safety, combined with the lastest product innovations and fashios colors - still at an affordable price level to buy.

IsaDora is today successfully launched in over 40 countries around the world, and is one of the fastest growing international cosmetics brands, IsaDora offers complete line including make-up, skin care, fragrances, sun care, hair care and body care.

The customers of IsaDora values beaty and quality. Each IsaDora product therefore represents not only the latest trends but alsp the highets possible quality and latest development in cosmitcs

Fragrance free By using the finest raw materials, there is no need to add åarfume. All isaDora make-up products are fragrance free, making the product line suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Clinically tested No of the Isadora products is not done by animal clinincal testing and does not give allergic reactions.  

Elizabeth Arden

By 1910, Florence took the plunge and opened her own beauty "salon" - a term she chose purposely, to move away from the traditional "parlor," which she felt was outdated. To make her establishment stand out from the other store fronts on Fifth Avenue, she installed a beautiful, bright red door, and to match herself to her prestigious new business, she also adopted a new name - Elizabeth Arden.

Word of her wonderful treatments - massages that relaxed and rejuvenated, products that made skin feel clean, refreshed and left it glowing - traveled through social circles in the city, and soon, socially elite ladies were flocking to her salon for products and treatments.

As her business expanded beyond her original 5th Avenue store, Ms. Arden maintained her company's prestigious image by making her products available at only the most exclusive stores around the world. She was the first in the industry to send out "Beauty Ambassador-esses", the original beauty advisors found today in salons and retails stores. . Cleanse with Facial Soap. Exfoliate with Clarifying Lotion. Moisturise with Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  

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