Medical Card

Irish residents who qualify to receive a Medical Card are entitled to a range of health services - fees apply. This includes GP visits, prescribed medicines, hospital visits, and a range of other services and benefits. Present fee is 2.50 per item, max 25 per month per household.

Most people who qualify for this scheme do so as their income is below a certain level. You may also qualify if the cost of maintaining your health puts you at financial risk, or if you are entitled to it under EU Regulations.

Visit your local Health Office for more information or to apply, or visit HSE - Medical Cards here

Medical Cards for those over 70 year of age

There have been significant changes to the eligibility of those over 70 years of age for the Medical Card. From January 2009, all those over 70 who wish to apply for this scheme are subject to a means test.

For more information you can contact your local Health Office, or phone the HSE infoline on 1850 24 1850.

A comprehensive list of information surrounding this area is available at Over 70's Medical Card here

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