Digital Prints

Digital Prints

You can order prints online by clicking on our Fujifilm Imagine Page here or download the Fujifilm imagine app on your smart phone and send photos via the app on your smart phone or tablet.

If printing online doesn’t suit you can always drop into us and you will find there is a whole new world of photography awaiting you! Using our touch screen kiosks not only can you get fantastic quality digital prints in a host of sizes and outputs such as poster prints and canvas. Choose from our wide range of frames and mounts to complement your photo.

On our FujiFilm Kiosks instore you can print your images from a wide variety of media, Have fun with your photos and enhance them using the services on the kiosk. 

You can print onto Canvas, Jigsaws, Mugs, Cushions etc.

If you are unsure of what to do all you need to do is ask our staff instore who are happy to help.